Tuesday, January 9, 2007

20 More Predictions

I'm back. Time for some more predictions, and then I'll answer some comment questions.

Players that are off the radar, but be top-30 prospects by September

1. Wilkens De La Rosa
2. Abraham Almonte
3. Ferdin Tejada
4. Ivan Nova

Will not rebound from injury

1. Jesse Hoover
2. Erik Abreu
3. Eric Duncan

Will rebound from injury

1. Jose Tabata
2. J.B. Cox

Will be finish the season in the bullpen

1. Tim Norton
2. Darrell Rasner
3. Erik Abreu
4. Rolando Japa
5. Daniel McCutchen

Will not finish the season in the bullpen

1. George Kontos

Will rise at least 2 levels from '06

1. Cody Ehlers (A+ to AAA)
2. Justin Christian (AA to MLB)
3. R.J. Swindle (A- to AA)
4. Phil Hughes (AA to MLB)
5. P.J. Pilittere (A+ to AAA)

b/c - "EJ, stats for Cano and Melky in winter ball?"

We don't know yet. I know that Melky hit a big home run last week though. We probably won't see the statistics until the league is finished (so, like next week).

Gardo predicts that " Three years from now Wang will be a reliever".

To be honest, I thought the same thing before this season. Wang had some very serious health issues. I didn't think that his shoulder could handle 180+ inning workloads. His ability to eat innings makes him a valued starter though. I wouldn't be surprised though if he is playing for a different team in 3 years though.

Mediaj33 points out that " Is it me or Cashman are fascinated with sinkerball type pitchers? Why do you think Cashman draft sinkerball type pitchers in the draft or trade for them. For Example, Wang, Sanchez, Ohlendorf, Mccallister, Marquez and lastly Carla Pavano"

It does seem like 90% of our system is made up of 6'3" 220 lb right handers who throw a 93 mph sinking fastball. I think that this is a mark of brilliance from Brian Cashman. I'd like to direct you to an excellent article at Baseball Analysts. Of course, it means that the Yankees are going to want to focus on infield defense in the future, which might mean a position shift for Derek Jeter.

James writes about the Red Sox - "True, Redsox bullpen are garbage and stink at moment . I feel like when the Redsox plays the Yankees - bad things happen and karma change. Pitching staff for Redsox either steps up their game or goes to higher level when they are playing yankees.Redsox bullpen become great all of sudden and Yankees bullpen on the other hand stinks. For Example Like jeter, He doesn't have great numbers in regular season to wow anyone but when He plays in big games against Redsox, he step up his game. Thoughts?"

I don't think that the Red Sox have any special power to control the baseball Gods. I think that sometimes they are smarter than the Yankees, but it's going to take more than just smarts to fix the Red Sox bullpen in 2007. When Joel Pineiro has a clause in his contract based on games finished, you know that you are looking bad. Guys like Delcarmen and Hansen could evolve in to good relievers, but the Red Sox can't count on them. It's going to be a rough year in the late innings for the Red Sox.