Monday, January 15, 2007

20 More Predictions

It's a slow news day. Besides being worried about James Brent Cox, there isn't a whole lot going on. So, it's time for... another 20 predictions! It's time for specific predictions.

Phil Hughes

  • 1. Before Phil Hughes gets called up, the Yankees will try Jeff Karstens and (if he's still starting) Humberto Sanchez.
  • 2. Phil Hughes will be called up in June. If a rotation spot is open for him, he'll stick and post a 3.48 ERA, striking out 8.0 per 9 and walking 2.5 per 9.
  • 3. Between the two leagues, Hughes will pitch at least 170 innings in 2007. He will not make any trips to the DL.

Tyler Clippard

  • 4. Clippard will struggle at first in AAA, and it won't just be a statistical anomaly like last season. His walk and home run rates are going to rise at first, as he adjusts to the new level. However, Clippard will eventually make that adjustment, and finish with an ERA of 3.67 and 175 strikeouts in 170 innings. He will not see major league time until September.
  • 5. If we do make a major deadline trade, Tyler Clippard will be dealt. However, I predict that we do not make a major deadline trade.

Humberto Sanchez
  • 6. Humberto Sanchez will spend some time in 2007 in the bullpen.
  • 7. Humberto Sanchez will be called up to fill in for an injured starting pitcher at some time during 2007.
  • 8. Sanchez will post an ERA of 4.90 in five starts, pitching 27 innings and striking out 20, while walking 15.

Joba Chamberlain

  • 9. Joba Chamberlain will start the season at Tampa [even though he should start at Trenton] but earn a promotion after five starts. He will make 23 starts at Trenton, going 138 innings and posting a 3.05 ERA. He will strike out 130 and walk 46.
  • 10. Joba Chamberlain will be a top-20 prospect in the minor leagues by year's end.

Ian Kennedy

  • 11. Kennedy will start the season at Tampa, and surprise everybody. He'll strike out 11.3 per 9 and walk 2.95 per 9. He won't earn a promotion to Trenton until July however, due to a clogged rotation.
  • 12. Ian Kennedy will have an ERA of 3.40 between the two levels.

Dellin Betances
  • 13. Dellin Betances will dominate A ball hitters, pitching 100 innings of 2.30 ERA ball, striking out 110 and walking 35. The Yankees will shut him down, like they did with Hughes, after 100 innings.
  • 14. Baseball America will surprise everyone and rate Betances ahead of Jose Tabata on their top 10 Yankee prospect list. He will be a top-10 pitching prosect in the league with Joba Chamberlain.

Jeff Marquez
  • 15. Jeff Marquez will put up a Jeff Marquez-like season at Trenton - and will finally be healthy. He'll pitch a bunch of innings with an ERA around 3.6, strikeout about 7 per 9, and post a G/F ratio around 2.00.
  • 16. Marquez will spend the entire season at Trenton.

Christian Garcia
  • 17. Garcia will not throw a pitch until mini-camp, after the minor league season is over. He will play winter ball somewhere.

Mark Melancon
  • 18. Melancon will get a few innings in at the end of the minor league season for Staten Island.

Zach McAllister
  • 19. The Yankees will not severely limit McAllister's innings. He'll throw around 120.
  • 20. McAllister's ERA will be around 4.10. He will struggle to strike people out (~6.5 per 9), but post solid g/f numbers (about 1.50 per 9)