Thursday, February 22, 2007

Moving... Again?

I've enjoyed my time here at Pinstripes Potentials. Aparantly, I've been able to fool people in to thinking that I know something about baseball. After many spelling errors, typos, and the occasional scouting report, I have recieved an invitation to take Mike Axisa's spot at Pending Pinstripes on the Most Valuable Network.

It's a bigger gig, and will give me the opportunity to write for an established site. I first began blogging a little less than a year ago, and enjoyed every second of it. I originally started the Fire Joe Torre Blog to think outloud about the New York Yankees. I never really intended to become a "prominent" blogger, as I've heard people call me. I still think that I am overrated.

Besides the change of address, my loyal readers won't notice a whole lot of change. I have some exciting things planned for the next few weeks (If everything works out well, some really exciting things).

Depending upon how long it takes for the MVN webmaster to add me, this will probably be the last post in this website. Thanks for sticking with me!